Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Steny's Game and What Peter & Al said ...

Just. Go. Read. It.
Peter Beinart: Democrats, Forever Changed
By pressing ahead on health care, President Obama is ending a decades-long internal debate within his party—and the Democratic Party will never be the same.

Steny Hoyer: Republican Attacks on Health Reform: Dèjá Vu All Over Again

Republicans say heath reform will cause an economic disaster and create a socialist society that would take away our freedom and end America as we know it. But didn't they say the exact same thing in the 30s and 60s in protest of Social Security and Medicare? And hasn't history proven them wrong? Those programs have made our nation stronger and now enjoy widespread bipartisan support.

Dèjá vu all over again: can you distinguish GOP attacks from decade to decade? Take the challenge:

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