Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here we go!

Tim F.: Great News

Via twitter, more than 50 Senators have signed a letter promising to vote for the reconciliation fixes immediately. This could very well encourage a couple of House Dems to support Pelosi’s present strategy (vote for the Senate bill as a separate item) and move into the ‘yes’ column.

A couple is all we need.


Did Steny Hoyer just declare that he has the votes to pass the damn bill? Someone translate from twitterish.

BTW, this is why I don’t twitter. It is fucking addictive.


Someone make me stop updating Ezra’s twitter stream.

KagroX RT @AlanColmes:Palin Concerned Obama’s Lack Of Experience Has Him “Over His Head” On #hcr || Written all the way up arm

wonkroom Managers amendment is only 9 pages. Hope Republicans can read it in just 24 hours.


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