Friday, October 16, 2009

Your Friday Wingnuts

Think Progress:
At a town hall event in New Orleans yesterday, 9-year old Tyren Scott asked President Obama, “Why do people hate you? They supposed to love you. God is love.” Obama responded, “If you were watching TV lately, it seems like everybody’s just getting mad all the time. And you know, I think that you’ve got to take it with a grain of salt. Some of it is just what’s called politics.” Watch the video here.
John Cole: Better Than Expected
I have to admit, the freak-out over Rush not being wanted as an investor in the Rams bid is better than I expected. Scott at LGM points out a couple good reactions, but my personal favorite is Allahpundit:
Needless to say, the next vocal liberal who tries to buy a sports franchise is going to have a hell of a time.
OOOOOHHHH! Tough guy, you think you’re like the Shaq!
Yeah, I suppose the next liberal who compares half the players to crips and bloods and has a long history of racially offensive statements probably will have a hell of a time.
*** Update ***
Earlier this evening, as most of you now know, one of our own, Rush Hudson Limbaugh, while taking withering fire, crashed and burned. Tonight, Rush is no longer ‘just’ a radio personality.
Tonight, Rush is no longer ‘just’ a NFL owner denied
Tonight, Rush is us. And we are him.
It ends with the obligatory Niemöller quote.
I’m seriously dying over here. I am honest to goodness crying I’m laughing so hard.
Maybe the Red State Strike Farce can do another one of their crack operations and mail oxycontin to Checketts to show their outrage.
DougJ: Activist judges
There’s a lot of winger law professors on the intertubes, so I’m looking forward to a protracted discussion of this (presumably bogus) issue:
Pro-football fans and political pundits alike have been talking about Rush Limbaugh’s proposed bid to buy the St. Louis Rams football franchise, but many in the NFL are not too happy with the prospect of Mr. Limbaugh owning a team. In fact, the bid “ran into opposition within the NFL on Tuesday as [Indianapolis] Colts owner Jim Irsay vowed to vote against him, and commissioner Roger Goodell said . . . [his] ‘divisive’ comments would not be tolerated from any NFL insider.” This got me thinking preemptively of the antitrust problems the NFL may run into if an effort to stall Mr. Limbaugh’s bid is successful. (For details on the basic antitrust principles I omit for brevity, click here).
In other words, activist judges need to force the NFL to let Rush have a team.
It’s a shame that this hasn’t happening while Republicans control Congress. It would make for some interesting hearings.
Update. And, finally, we get an Instapundit-approved boycott of the NFL. What the hell took so long?
 digby Kicked In The Teeth
Oh my Goodness, somebody has his tight whiteys twisted in a great big knot:
"I'm supported by people all over the health care system," Hatch said, "including doctors, including hospitals, including insurers, including liberal people, conservative people and moderate people. Everybody knows how much money you have to raise to run for the Senate."
Then Hatch turned his fury to MoveOn and George Soros.
" is a scurrilous organization," he said. "It's funded by George Soros. He's about as left wing as you can find in this country. And they're up to just one thing, and that is to smear good people. And frankly, they're not gonna smear me without getting kicked in the teeth by me."
What did Move-On have the nerve to do? They protested outside his office in Salt Lake City with signs that said he was in the pockets of the insurance companies. He doesn't like that.

Of course, he didn't say too much about this:
The crowd repeatedly booed Utah's senators, Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett, for being part of the problem and chastised Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. for not sending back $1.6 billion of stimulus money the state is expected to receive.

Hatch said in a statement that he shares the protesters' outrage. Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who is considering challenging Bennett for his Senate seat, said Utahns don't need government "wiping our noses and putting Band-Aids on our boo-boos."
And he didn't complain about these guys picketing his office or the fact that the Tea Parties are an astroturf movement funded by wealthy Republicans. Neither does he have a problem with the teabaggers smearing Obama as a socialist Hitler.

It seems that what really bothers Orrin Hatch is the fact that Move-On protesters brought up the fact that he is a bought and sold corporate lackey. Boo hoo.
  •  Ben Frumin (TPM) 

    We'll have video for you shortly.
    Late Update: An inside source points out what appears to be blatant inaccuracies in Hatch's claims about and George Soros. The source says: "MoveOn is a PAC funded by small donors - including it's almost 23,000 members in Utah. It is not funded by Soros. It is a completely false right-wing talking point. Soros gave a one time contribution in 2004. MoveOn does not accept any donations over $5,000, and the average donation to Political Action is under $100."
    And here's that video.

    Late Late Update: I've received the following statement from Justin Ruben,'s executive director.
    Local Utah MoveOn members went to Orrin Hatch's office to question whether his opposition to health care reform is tied to the $900,000 he took from insurance interests, and what did he do? Go on national TV and threaten to kick them in the teeth. Apparently, this was easier than defending his ties to the insurance companies who have a stranglehold on our healthcare system. The people of Utah, including 23,000 Utah MoveOn members, deserve better. Hopefully, whoever Sen. Hatch kicks in the teeth is independently wealthy, in case their claim is denied by one of the insurance companies who've been funding his campaigns.
    • John Aravosis noting that Orrin Hatch says MoveOn is "scurrilous" and he's going to kick them in the teeth, adds: "With what, his wingtips? It's like watching Elmer Fudd, or Howdy Doody, get angry. Kiw da wabbit. Whatever."

John Cole: The Party of No
This really sums it up, doesn’t it:
A key House committee on Thursday passed legislation reining in the multitrillion-dollar market for financial derivatives. The House Financial Services Committee passed the bill on a 43-26 vote, with only one Republican, Rep. Walter Jones (N.C.), siding with all Democrats.
The bill is the first in a series of measures the Obama administration and congressional allies are pushing to remake the financial system. House leaders are eyeing votes in November, while it may take more time for the Senate to consider legislation.
Exactly what would have to happen before Republicans would agree to regulation of a sector of the economy that could bring down the house? The financial crash of 2008 was not enough?
I’m struggling to figure out how these guys think. And Walter Jones doesn’t really count as a Republican vote, really, since he has spoken out against the Iraq war. That basically means he is a pinko commie like Michael Moore.
It would help if repuglican legislators were not as insane as their base...

Islamo-phobia strikes Congressional GOP Oct. 15: MSNBC political analyst Eugene Robinson joins Rachel Maddow to discuss the four Congressional Republicans who, with the backing of World Net Daily, are accusing a Muslim advocacy group of planting intern "spies" in Congress.

Robert Farley: I Want to Play C.O.R.N.Y.!
Via B&P, if the new Red Dawn doesn't have a plot substantially similar to this, I'm going to cry:

Americans, thoroughly disgusted with the socialistic programs that have been thrust upon them over the last few years, vote out seventeen of the nineteen Democrats in the Senate and 178 in Congress that were up for reelection. When asked for his opinion on this monumental power shift in favor of liberty-minded Republicans during the November elections, President Obama is quoted as saying the elections were "ultimately inconsequential;" he allowed the cryptic statement to stand alone and said nothing more on the subject until January's swearing-in ceremony.
In January 2011, two days prior to the swearing-in of the new Senators and Congressmen, President Obama holds an emergency conference that interrupts the regular broadcasting of every station in the United States, and is replayed on major news networks throughout the day. The news is horrifying, and the ramifications of what the president has said have a numbing effect on the public.

The swearing-in ceremonies are suspended indefinitely, and the current Congress is to remain in place until this "historic transition" is completed. The United States is a creation of "racists and warmongers," Obama says to a stunned America, and is to be replaced by the North American Union. In the course of this very broadcast, Obama, with two simple pen strokes, signs the "treaties" into law. One dissolves the United States and its Constitution, and the other disarms what is left of the gun-owning United States citizenry, as part and parcel of a United Nations Treaty to ban all firearms, which had already been signed into law by over 40 nations...

Chaos ensues throughout the nation! The Second American Revolution is in full swing by February of 2011, with lists posted by patriots, county by county, naming dozens of government employees and the bounties that can be fetched by their capture. After 7 weeks of fighting in every state, and with the refusal of most United States military branches to obey orders to fire upon American citizens, Obama's forces are slowly whittled away. The remnants of the Obama loyalists retreat to Virginia. After tens of thousands of their troops are killed, The International Service Union Empire (I.S.U.E.) has just 40,000 left, but still controls three full counties in the name of former President Barack Hussein Obama... Or so they think. The Congress of Rejected and Neglected Youth (C.O.R.N.Y.) controls three counties near Washington D.C., with reports of having at least 60,000 loyalists for Obama.

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