Saturday, October 17, 2009

What John Cole said . . .

John Cole used to be in this bubble.  He understands it.
John Cole:Inside the Cocoon 
Interesting analysis by Democracy Corps about what motivates the conservative fringe which included this paragraph:
A central part of the collective identity built by conservative Republicans in the current political environment is their belief that they possess knowledge and insight that the majority of Americans – whether too lazy or too misguided to find it for themselves – do not possess. A combination of conservative media outlets are the means by which they have gained this knowledge, led by FOX News (“the truth tellers“), and to a lesser degree conservative talk radio. Their antipathy and distrust toward the mainstream media could not be stronger, and they fiercely defend FOX as the only truly objective news outlet.
This goes along with what DougJ has been talking about for months- that these folks really are speaking their own language, and have a complete different language, reality, and collective understanding. It really is to the point that the echo chamber is reverberating so loudly that when you hear these guys speak, it almost seems like they are from a different planet.
Only they know the real truth. The rest of us are just sheeples.

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