Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maddow on MTP

From sgwhiteinfla: Speaking Of Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow went on Meet The Press this morning and owned it! The contrast between how she handled herself and how David Gregory just sat there like a lump on a log with all the lies flying around showed for the world to see who should be hosting that show. If NBC has any sense they will make that change before Gregory drives Meet The Press into the ground to the point where it never rebounds back to its former glory.

Here is the podcast.

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Now check Rachel out punching David Gregory in the mouth with those pesky facts.

MR. GREGORY: All right, Governor Ritter from Colorado, thanks, as always. Always good to talk to you.

Rachel Maddow, does the president bear some responsibility? Does he undermine his credibility when he makes some claims like, if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance, when a lot of people have said not really; employers could drop people from insurance if they wanted to move people into a public plan, if that existed? It may be an aspiration, but he can’t guarantee it.

MS. MADDOW: It’s the way—what he has suggested would guarantee it. What’s happening, I think where the, where the president has some more responsibility is to give the Congress more direction. I find it strange that we have—the American people have decided that there will be a lot more Democrats in Congress than Republicans. The Democrats have a huge 60-seat majority in the Senate, and therefore they’ve got big majorities on every committee, too. But Max Baucus, who is a Democratic senator, has decide on the Senate Finance Committee, which has this key role in what’s going to happen next, that they won’t have the whole committee do it. It’ll just be three Democrats and three Republicans who are going to make that decision. One of those Republicans is going around the country giving out copies of Glenn Beck’s book and saying that healthcare reform will pull the plug on grandma, Senator Grassley. So for, for, for, for the Democrats in Congress to be essentially giving up their majority, deciding the way this is going to pass, I think is something that the president ought to weigh in on. There’s a reason that Democrats have a 60-seat majority. The American people voted for it, and I think they’d like Democratic bill.
  • MS. MADDOW: Do you really think that there’s a major uprising of seniors wanting to get out of Medicare? I know you’re suing the government for your right personally to get out of Medicare.

    REP. ARMEY: Right.

    MS. MADDOW: But do you really think that’s the problem...

    SEN. COBURN: Is it...

    MS. MADDOW: ...that Medicare—that seniors hate Medicare and they want out?

    REP. ARMEY: No, I didn’t say that. Most seniors—I was talking to my minister the other day. My minister says, “Dick, I’m so fortunate I’m in Medicare.” I said, “Bless you, my, my friend that you get to be in it if you choose to be so.” But if you give a government program and you let me choose to be in or choose to be out, that’s generosity. If you force me in, irrespective of my desires, that’s tyranny. Now, if Medicare’s $46 trillion in the red, with no idea how we’re going to pay for it, why, why do they not let people who don’t want to be in out?

    MS. MADDOW: This is...

    MR. GREGORY: Let me—I want to get it...

    REP. ARMEY: I mean, that’s...

    MS. MADDOW: Just—I—very briefly.

    REP. ARMEY: This, this, this defies logic.

    MS. MADDOW: This is a really important point. The anti-healthcare reform lobby thinks that Medicare is tyranny, OK?

    REP. ARMEY: I did—I said...

    MS. MADDOW: This is an—I mean, you said in 1995 that “Medicare is a program I would have no part of in a free world.”

    REP. ARMEY: Right. Absolutely right.

    MS. MADDOW: You said in 2002, “We’re going to have to bite the bullet on Social Security and phase it out over a period of time.”

    REP. ARMEY: And I’m going to enumerate exactly what I’m talking about. Medicare...

    MS. MADDOW: Americans need to know this is your position and this is the position of the anti-healthcare reform lobby.

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