Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ask the Experts

I just bookmarked this. . .
Ezra Klein:
The World's Smartest Op-Ed Page

In the course of a post about bank skepticism, James Kwak mentions Project Syndicate, which he calls "a well-intentioned collaboration that manages to sound ominous and conspiratorial."

That's about right. But it's not just well-intentioned. It's really, really good.

Project Syndicate would be better off with the name "Project Syndication." Like Tribune Media Services or the Creators Syndicate Group, it syndicates columnists. But within that, it has a sort of unique model: It syndicates experts. Rather than Mark Shields and From Harrop, it's got Brad DeLong and Nouriel Roubini and Joschka Fischer and Lucian Bebchuk. And it adds new experts on topics relevant to the issues of the day (Bebchuk and Roubini, for instance, are both finance experts who were recently added to Project Syndicate's ranks). Best of all, you can read it online. For free. It's like the world's smartest op-ed page.

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