Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What John and friends said ....

John Cole: Paging Pauline Kael

When I was a Republican, I always felt like I had a feel for the political climate. Right now, though, I’m just baffled. For the life of me, I can not figure out why anyone would be voting for the GOP in the fall. But the Dems will probably get hammered, and it just strikes me as inexplicable.

On the other hand, a sick part of me wants the Republicans to win so our idiot nation, from the never happy poutrage left to the idiot independents to the wingnutty mouthbreathers, can get what they want, and get it hard.

from the comments:

  1. tim

    “When I was a Republican…”

    Again, an excellent reminder of why your credibility must always be viewed with skepticism.

    Secondly, the Dems will likely be hammered this fall because the American people are a truly stupid lot. I mean, the dems are turncoats and corporatist hacks it’s true, but the republicans contain a whole other level of evil.

    After eight years of JC’s Bush and all the destruction wrought thereby, the fact that the republicans even have a chance to retake power tells us all we need to know about the average American voter: shit for brains.

  2. 7


    It is incredible that Americans will want to dunk their heads in the latrine once more, but maybe it’s not as bad when your head is empty.

  3. 8


    I have to admit, as I watch the news every night and the endless stream of ads being run by various right wing groups, a spiteful part of me wishes I could just vote straight Republican and then flee to some safe haven where I could watch from a distance as the U.S. falls to pieces. I really don’t understand what it will take to make people realize just how completely insane the American right has become. It’s very difficult to not succumb to some level of nihilism and hopelessness anymore.

  4. 9

    demo woman

    For me the last straw into melancholy has been the Cordoba House. At what price victory..The Bill of Rights …yeah let’s trash it..The Constitution..well Saudi doesn’t have that and common decency well we don’t believe in political correctness.. Yeah, I feel your pain.
    When the Democratic Party and The President won, all that was left of the Grand Old Party were splinters of wing nuts. The MSM appearing Fair and Balanced wanted to give them a voice and now it’s the only voice. I’m sick, sad, disillusioned and frustrated.

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