Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Librul Media

This is simply hilarious ...
Brian Williams Slow Jams the News with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night

Brian Williams is officially the king of cameos. Tonight, Williams joined Jimmy Fallon to slow jam the news on Late Night, and what resulted was a hilariously inappropriate, dick joke-laden retelling of the health care reform bill's passing. Video inside.

[Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]

Atkins (Dkos): Your liberal media, hard at work

In case you missed the Sunday coverage that the vile, liberal, degenerate so-called media outlet called the New York Times gave to Obama's 15 recess appointments to fill key administration posts that had been long vacant due to GOP obstructionism, let me provide you a snapshot.

NYT recess appointments

Boy, that President Obama sure is a totalitarian dictator! Bypassing the Senate in an overt display of executive authority! And the GOP was being so nice to him before, but this is just the last straw. We can't have any more cooperation from now on if he's going to do stuff like, oh, use his explicit constitutional authority to actually keep the government running because the minority party wants to obstruct absolutely everything in sight.

Of course, in today's follow-up, the Times was gracious enough to point out that Bush had made the exact same number of recess appointments by this point in his presidency--but that counts for little when the headlines read like an executive power-grab takeover of government. Well played, liberal media!

Tip for the Obama administration: from now on, just follow Bill Maher's advice. If you're going to get pilloried and obstructed either way, you may as well accomplish something while you're at it.

Terrific Interview. This is how it should be done. Obama on 'Today' talks Afghanistan, health care, 'tea party' skeptics

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DougJ: Absence of empathy

Ezra Klein edges ever closer to being Froomkined:

For Robert Samuelson, the fact that the Affordable Care Act is fully paid for and in fact reduces the deficit isn’t good enough. “If the administration has $1 trillion or so of spending cuts and tax increases over a decade, all these monies should first cover existing deficits—not finance new spending,” he writes. “Obama’s behavior resembles a highly indebted family’s taking an expensive round-the-world trip because it claims to have found ways to pay for it. It’s self-indulgent and reckless.”


And before you think this is all about Samuelson, consider that Charles Krauthammer calls coverage “candy.” There’s an absence of empathy here that borders on a clinical disorder.

Samuelson, Krauthammer, and most of the rest of the high-profile pundits do indeed suffer from a clinical disorder. Ain’t no border neither.

Klein will eventually be fired for writing things like this.

  • from the comments:

    Mark S.

    Klein will eventually be fired for writing things like this.

    You betcha. The rule among respectable Village pundits is that, even if you disagree, everyone is arguing in good faith and everyone wants what’s best for the country.

Yglesias: Suck on This

Study highlights stunted growth among Iraqi children in the portions of the country most impacted by the war.

Update Sorry, not everyone gets the reference in the headline. Here it is:
Just keep in mind that Friedman is a lot more influential than the second-most-influential commentator on foreign policy in the United States. The gap in influence and profile between him and the second guy is gigantic.
kos: The horrors of (a Democrat) putting his feet on a desk

The National Review's Kathryn Lopez, literally one of the dumbest people in politics, tweets:

there are bigger fish to fry but the president's leg on the oval office desk is a jarringly perfect image of this administration's approach

How is that jarring, other than the wingnuts still can't get over the fact that Obama gets to sit in the Oval Office? Yet, this is apparently the latest right-wing freakout. Obama, believe it or not, had the temerity to put his feet on his desk.

obama feet on desk

If this was Sarah Palin, Fox News and company would be waxing poetic about how "folksy" this made Palin. Regular Americans from the heartland put their feet up on desks! But Obama is a Democrat, and this is apparently uppity, because they sure didn't give a damn when this happened:

bush feet on desk

Of course, no one gave a damn when Bush did it (or Gerald Ford before him), because 1) there were more important things to worry about, and 2) who gives a flying fuck?

Just when you think the fringe right has reached peak idiocy, they always manage to top themselves.

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