Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pushing Back

Lesson here: don't challenge Rachel on the facts because you will most likely not only lose but lose badly. As Inhofe does here.
Inhofe, still hypocrite, not alone

Feb. 10: Chris Hayes, Washington editor for The Nation, talks with Rachel Maddow about the shameless hypocrisy of congressional Republicans who rail against the stimulus bill on the national stage but celebrate its benefits in their home district.

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It transcends self-parody. Dean of the Washington press corps, David Broder declares Sarah Palin has the right stuff.

The snows that obliterated Washington in the past week interfered with many scheduled meetings, but they did not prevent the delivery of one important political message: Take Sarah Palin seriously.

Her lengthy Saturday night keynote address to the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville and her debut on the Sunday morning talk show circuit with Fox News' Chris Wallace showed off a public figure at the top of her game -- a politician who knows who she is and how to sell herself, even with notes on her palm.


More important, she has locked herself firmly in the populist embrace that every skillful outsider candidate from George Wallace to Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton has utilized when running against "the political establishment."


The lady is good.

Read the whole thing.

Marshall: Yep, She's on Fire

A very interesting companion to David Broder's endorsement of Sarah Palin as a politician with the right stuff who's a real contender for the presidency in tomorrow's Post.

The Post itself has a new poll out with interesting Palin numbers.

55% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Palin while 37% have a favorable impression of her. That's actually a bit worse than other recent polls of this question have shown. But the really revealing number is how many people consider her qualified to be president.

Over 70% say no, she's not. And that's up from 60% just last November. Even a majority of Republicans say she's not qualified to serve as president.

The key tell in these numbers is that even more and more of the people who like her and continue to like her are coming to the realization that she's simply not equipped to serve as president.

Old GOP talking points die hard

Feb. 10: The Washington Independent's Spencer Ackerman talks with Rachel Maddow about the falsehoods and lies by some Republicans clumsily attempting to resurrect "Democrats are weak on terrorism" talking point.

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