Thursday, October 22, 2009

Those Wacky Wingnuts: Reductio ad Absurdum Edition

QOTD, E.J. Dionne:
Is there room in the Republican Party for genuine moderates? Truth to tell, the GOP can't decide. More precisely, it's deeply divided over whether it should allow any divisions in the party at all.
In which republicans suggest ending all regulation on banks . . .

Obama taking it to the banks  Oct. 21: Rachel Maddow is joined by Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., to talk about plans to limit the income of bank executives whose banks took federal bailout money.

Think Progress: Bachmann Says Dole And Frist Represent A ‘Non-Pro-Freedom Agenda’ Because They Want Health Reform
Today on her radio program, Laura Ingraham interviewed guest Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and asked her about the ideological direction of the Republican Party. The pair discussed recent statements made by retired GOP Senate Majority Leaders Bill Frist (TN) and Bob Dole (KS) in support of some type of comprehensive health reform.
Dole has called for Republicans to become engaged in the process, stating “we’ve got to do something” to solve the current crisis. Frist has endorsed the Senate Finance health reform bill, and has called out “people on the extreme” in his own party for falsely labeling President Obama’s health reform as “socialized medicine.” Clearly incensed by these comments, Ingraham and Bachmann traded barbs trashing the former Republican leaders for daring to veer away from a “pro-freedom agenda”:
INGRAHAM: Of course. God bless Bob Dole he just came on our show, I have great respect for the man. And also for Frist. But Frist presided over a pretty disastrous situation in the Senate.
BACHMANN: They lost.
INGRAHAM: They lost. And Bob Dole lost how many times on a national level? I guess I’ve lost count. [...] That Republican ideology and that Republican outlook has been a losing outlook. That’s why President Obama wants more of us to be like them.
BACHMANN: Because we want a pro-freedom agenda. And he’s trying to throw people around who he believes will increase a non-pro-freedom agenda.
Bachmann and Ingraham’s vitriol wasn’t only reserved for Republicans who dared to express a willingness to support reform. Asked if the New York Times’ recent profile of her has generated a lot of “hate mail,” Bachmann replied that although she does receive a lot of mail, it is “because Nancy Pelosi has made me a top target.” Ingraham then began mocking Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives and the highest-ranking female politician in American history — by making hissing and cat noises, then shrieking, “she doesn’t like powerful women.”
Attaturk (FDL): Gridirony
In the annals of football and sacrifice, Pat Tillman has nothing on this poor soul who has had the league of Pat Patriot soil his love of ‘Murica more thoroughly than his hero’s pants soiled were in rehab.
Mark Muller, owner of Max Motors and wannabe arms dealer (he saved Missourians from having to make the hard choice between a pickup truck and an assault rifle this summer by giving away free AK-47s with purchase of a truck), is now claiming that he’s canceling his Kansas City Chiefs season tickets because the NFL supposedly blocked Limbaugh’s attempt to buy the St. Louis Rams.
And in the most laughable story of prioritizing one’s life ever…
Muller told the Cybercast News Service that Limbaugh was the reason he first went to an NFL game. Muller claimed that he heard Limbaugh endorse the NFL on his radio program in the ’80s. Muller supposedly talked to his wife, and they “gave up everything in our life at the time [so] we could buy two season tickets, no more dinners out, nothing.”
They gave up EVERYTHING! Suck it Arbys!
Poor me, I chose an NFL club the ol’ fashioned way. I lived in the general geographic area of one (and as this was the Minnesota Vikings I don’t want to go into too much depth over how that has worked out for me).
Papers in red states don't understand why their republican senators support gang rape.  Funny that.
Praise for Franken's 'anti-rape' amendment   Oct. 21: Rachel Maddow is joined by former KBR employee and rape survivor, Jamie Leigh Jones, and her attorney Todd Kelly to talk about the importance of Senator Al Franken's 'anti-rape' amendment and the disturbing number of Republican Senators who voted against it.

Chris in Paris (AmBlog): Orrin Hatch thinks Obama has a lot of free time 
As much as I enjoy college football, spending even five minutes on the college football BCS problems at this time is foolish. But hey, we're talking about Orrin Hatch after all. Shouldn't Washington be more focused on the economy, unemployment, health care, Afghanistan or any number of other issues before this?
A senator whose undefeated home state school was bypassed for the college football national championship last season urged President Barack Obama on Wednesday to ask the Justice Department to investigate the Bowl Championship Series, citing Obama's own concerns about the way the top team is crowned in building a case for action.

"Mr. President, as you have publicly stated on multiple occasions, the BCS system is in dire need of reform," Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said in a 10-page letter to Obama calling for an antitrust probe of the BCS. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the letter.

John Cole: Who Is the Real Barack Obama?
So far, I can recall Obama being compared to the following figures:
Pol Pot
David Duke
I think now it is time to start the definitive list of people Obama has been compared to, good or bad. Include a link to the comparison.

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