Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wingnuts: million moran march Edition

Josh Marshall: Speaking of Awards

I'm awarding the little known TPM Excellence in Deft Snark Award to Megan Carpentier of the Air America website for this sentence from a post on AARP's poll on the president's health care speech. The award is granted episodically for path-breaking combinations of AP Style and deadpan humor ...

An overnight poll by AARP shows that Obama's speech on health care helped resolve the concerns of many people over 45 dumb enough to believe braying Republicans that the Administration planned on executing the elderly.

Had I been editing I think I'd have stuck a "who say" between 'Republicans' and 'that'. But that's a minor quibble.

John Cole

And for the record, I am attending the 9/12 rallies tomorrow. Brick Oven Bill and I decided it would be a hoot.

In all seriousness, if any of you are near the million moran march tomorrow, take some pics.

get a brain morans

Josh Marshall: Into the Vortex

A reader reports in from the Conradian heart of crazy ...

Joe Wilson's not the only one bringing the crazy to DC. The town's been invaded by teabaggers.

Was having a drink with a friend at a fancy downtown bar when two well-dressed men start chatting with us. Seemed friendly and normal enough until one asks how big we think the march tomorrow will be -- "250,000? They say all the hotels are full!" I ask, "Are you here for that?" -- and get an earful about how Medicare has a $35 trillion unfunded liability, every letter you mail costs $1 is taxes, and Obama is a Manchurian candidate who wants to create a million-person national civil defense force with a budget equal to the Penatagon's.

Tomorrow should be fun.

Ann Laurie: Best Possible Comment on Glenn Beck’s “9/12″

Today Alex Pareene is my hero:

On 9/12, people in New York (and DC) did not feel as “great” as Glenn Beck. They just felt like shit. They felt scared and confused and depressed… And only an idiot or an actual terrorist would want to always feel like it was 9/12/01. And eight years later, normal people, with brains and souls, have decided that some emotional distance from that disaster is healthier and wiser than trying to recapture the dread.

So thank fucking christ that the Commander in Chief is no longer subjecting the nation to death porn.

No, this year it’s limited to a nutty little cult leader on basic cable who is encouraging his radicalized band of fanatical followers to invade the cities where the tragedy actually happened in order to shock the populace back into fear.

Glenn Beck is an actual terrorist, and the people attending his rally in DC tomorrow are al-Qaeda in America.

This is a really interesting and disturbing conversation.

Right wing fringe finds acceptance in GOP Sept. 11: Mike Lux, CEO of Progressive Strategies, joins msnbc's Rachel Maddow to discuss the Republican Party's mainstream of the most extreme anti-government elements of their political base.

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