Friday, September 25, 2009

Banana Boy

Seems as if Kirk Cameron and Ray "the banana guy" Comfort are out and about again, offering a new version of Origin of Species with their own, very special, 50 page forward - and associated video.  So it seems to be a good time to have an "evolution disproven by the banana" thread.  And by peanut butter.  And, quite possibly, pasta.  Have fun - and see if you can separate the parodies from the fundies.

First, a lovely lady discusses Cameron's latest effort:

Here is the original stoopid banana bit:

And here is the banana "theory" debunked:

Here is the peanut butter theory of evolution:

Turns out the peanut butter evolves at night:

In defense of the Peanut Butter guy:

But what about pasta?

Checkmate Atheists, including a banana.

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