Barack Obama is a truly gifted politician, though -- as ever -- a triangulating one of slightly leftest tendencies. But even if he was not, the Republicans remain truly his best ally on the road to a second term.

Mustache of Understanding, your thoughts?

What are Republicans thinking? It is not as if they put forward a different strategy, like a carbon tax. Does the G.O.P. want to be the party of sex scandals and polluters or does it want to be a partner in helping America dominate the next great global industry: E.T. — energy technology?

Oh, the GOP is all that and so much more. They are also the Party of war, democracy (in coup form), intolerance, science, and the poor oppressed health insurance industry. They're a party where an old white guy can get tips from Glenn Beck on how to committ a bad touch without being listed on the sex offender registry.

They're a "big tent" where people are free to think independently for themselves as long as they all vote and think the same "exciting" way.