Monday, July 20, 2009

What digby said . . .

digby: The Master At Work
Wolcott on Palin and her followers:
David Seaton lives in Spain, where presumably a greater premium is put on charm, since here in the states those of the ultra-right persuasion tend to bypass charm and go straight for the Popeye mug. Why just today I read a Palin idolator, after designating Democrats the party of fisting and rimming, uncork yet another wishful prophecy of civil war that would pit Christian gun-toters against heathen Project Runway fans in a blood-cleansing that would restore America to its rightful place in the 19th century. How they long for this clarifying reckoning while clinging to their Barbie doll of redemption, Sister Sarah. Seaton:
The people who follow demagogues aren't interested in thinking, they are interested in feeling: demagoguery is a form of political pornography: up and on, who cares about the "plot"?
This would explain why the pro-Palin bloggers tend to be the most insistent on asserting their masculinity and rhetorically beating their hotdogs against the steering wheel, while waiting for the light to change.
And here is The Onion adding their two bits to the "Health Care debate."

Study: Most Children Strongly Opposed To Children’s Healthcare

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