Sunday, July 26, 2009

HealthCare Sunday

sgw: Health Care Reform Mythbusting
Here is a handy dandy link which you can send around to all your friends and family which debunks many of the lies surrounding the current push for health care reform. Its like a snopes for health care so feel free to use it!.
Maddow goes off in this one.
Remember the HMO July 24: Gov. Rick Perry has spoken about Texas seceding before, but now he is threatening it if President Obama's health care reform bill is passed. Texas has more uninsured people than any other state, so why would Perry want to reject the plan? Rachel Maddow is joined by Washington Spectator editor Lou Dubose.

C&L: Paul Krugman surprised by CBO report on health care: a kind of destructive comment by Doug Elmendorf of the CBO

Paul Krugman joined the round table discussion on ABC's THIS WEEK and highlighted the misleading CBO report on the costs of health care and he singled out Doug Elmendorf as the culprit..

Krugman: I think I should say something about that CBO thing which really surprised a lot fo people because...

George: it was important and interesting timing...

Krugman: And also because most of the health care economists I talked to think that MedPac reform, that having these judges would actually be quite important especially in the long run so they were really kind of surprised. There's a kind of sense that the CBO faced with a, no one can put a hard number on this, but CBO sort of said that if we can't put a hard number on it we're going to say it's zero and that seems to be wrong. There's every reason to think that what Medicare is willing to pay for can save a lot of money and this was a kind of destructive comment by Doug Elmendorf of the CBO.

Ywa, think? How can the CBO give an effective cost analysis without the entire bill being presented to them? And suddenly the CBO is the judge and jury on whether we get health care reform passed and gives detractors a vehicle to complain. The media sure seems to be rooting for an Obama failure on health care reform, but what's their stake in it outside of loving the prospect of running with that story? I actually saw a segment on CNN which discussed the ramification of having no health care and how it affects Americans. There's too little of that and too much of imaginary numbers.

Krugman: DeMinted Republicans

It’s no secret that the reaction of a significant number of Republicans to the presidency of Barack Obama has been a bit, well, insane. And don’t start making false equivalences by talking about some video someone once posted on MoveOn’s web site, or some comment someone once posted at Daily Kos. Did any U.S. Senators compare the Bush administration to Germany on the eve of World War II? I don’t think so.

So what’s going on? Is it the fact that Obama is black? Actually, I don’t think so: there was a comparable level of craziness in 1993 — Bill Clinton is a drug smuggler, Hillary murdered Vince Foster. What’s basically going on is that a significant part of the modern GOP can’t accept the idea of a Democratic president.

Why? I think part of it is that, in the minds of quite a few, it’s a betrayal of a promise. They gave their loyalty to the GOP and the conservative movement in return for the expectation of being part of a permanent ruling party. It’s just wrong, as they see it, a perversion of the way things ought to be, to have the other party sitting in the White House. In short,


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